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Rabbi Jerry, Rebbetzin Sara & Ashrae Keyes, their daughter, send their love and shalom to all.

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Rabbi Jerry Keyes is an ordained messianic Rabbi. He has been the spiritual leader of the congregation for over 20 years.  He and his wife, Rebbetzin Sarah Keyes are co-leaders and share their hearts for reconciling all people together by healing the breach between Christian and Jew by teaching the Jewish roots of Christianity in the Churches.




We believe in the Old Testament, Prophets, the Writings - the New Testament       
Mishkan Messianic congregation is a house of worship for all believers in the Messiah, Jewish and Non-Jewish, who want to get in touch with the roots of their faith.   Mishkan is dedicated to teaching the message of having a relationship with G-D and living the message of the messiah.  


Something New

Rosh Hashana

Sep. 24th 7:00PM

Sep. 25th 10:00AM

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If interested in joining us feel free to call for information. (352) 687-4434

We have a new Rabbinical Associate: Gene Bigio




Starts 12:00 Noon Every Saturday

Thanksgiving Food and Fellowship

Open to all people

November 22nd at 12:00 Noon

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